We guide our members to better their lives by building healthy habits, building strength & bringing a balance to life. No matter what your level is, we have no judgement because everyone starts somewhere.

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At FYF Athletics, our mission is to help our members achieve their fitness goals. Our Functional Fitness Group Classes are like none other because of our expert coaches, unique workouts & encouraging community. In our group sessions we cover the basics of strength and conditioning. We instruct proper form on weightlifting, kettle bells, calisthenics , and more, helping you build strength for life and then some. All group sessions are built into 6-8 week training cycle giving your body the training it needs for the best results. We understand everyone starts somewhere. If you're ready to give it a go, click below. View full schedule here.

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Personal training


We’re dedicated to helping you become the best you. We have the right trainer for your specific needs. You have the choice of one weekly session as a starting workout to keep you accountable.

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YOUTH Athlete Development


Our Youth Sports Performance Training is designed to improve our athletes’ overall power, speed, agility and mindset. These four components are the keys to improvement in fitness, athletics and any high level physical activity. Our goal is to help each of our athletes build a solid foundation for all other skills and movements. Sports Performance training is scheduled by appointment only and sessions are individualized for the athlete or team. Coach Ben works to create a program that is based on a  training cycle. With over 40 years of experience you can trust our coaching to be of the highest quality and fit your athlete's unique needs and abilities.

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