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What Is a VSC?

The acronym VSC simply stands for “Variable Strength & Conditioning.” These workouts are intended to be scalable, which means they can be modified to match each person’s ability. Variability within our program insures no matter which days you make it, you will always achieve a full body workout now matter the day or frequency.

We build our VSC program into 6-8 week training cycles which is truley unique to our group class training model. We test and track your performance from begining to end to ensure your progress and progression.

Within each training cycle we designate an emphasis & goal that directs our training. Then using the follwing structured calsses we program our workout to acheive that goal.

t Face Your Fears Athletics, every coach’s mission is to help our members achieve their fitness goals. We have built an environment of encouragement and support so that you will always feel comfortable and motivated by your coaches and by others in the class. Our gym is defined by community and we take pride in ours. You are more than welcome to walk through our doors and find out what our VSC program is all about!

Can I do a VSC class?

The entirety of our program is made so that they can be modified or “scaled” to match the abilities of each individual. Exercises and programs can be performed by athletes, policemen, firemen, military members, veterans, teenagers, pregnant mothers, grandmothers, and everyone in between. Classes are accessible to anyone because they can be scaled to anyone’s level.

Because a VSC class can be scaled, members are able to gradually increase the weight and remove any assistance until they can perform the VSC class without modifications. Visit our gym in Valencia, Santa Clarita or call (661) 282-7750 to speak with a coach.

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