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Bendability: stretching and mobility classes at our Santa Clarita gymFlexibility and mobility are two vital qualities for any physical activity, from sports, functional fitness, and weightlifting to general health and everyday living. Here at Face Your Fears Athletics, we are constantly taking steps to help our athletes improve. That is why we offer our Bendability class. See the class schedule for times.

Dynamic Flexibility Exercises

Bendability classes generally begin with some dynamic flexibility exercises, intended to warm up the muscles and prepare them for further stretching. Dynamic flexibility drills can include:

  • Arm swings
  • Leg swings
  • Lunges with rotation
  • Animal Crawls
  • Shoulder rotations
  • Spiderman crawls

Following some warmup drills, the class continues with some static stretches and functional range conditioning intended to improve muscle flexibility and accessible range of motion using movement. Our movement stretches are focused on being able to access the range of motion you need when you need it by using our own musculature to pull and lengthen tight muscles and joints. Static stretches can include movements such as standing/seated hamstring stretches, upper and lower back stretches, and shoulder stretches.

Anyone can do the Bendability class!

Do not worry if you are not flexible. All movements can be modified or scaled to meet the unique abilities of each person. Attend this class regularly, and you will be surprised how quickly you will improve! And don't worry about how you compare to anyone else in the class - we are proud to consider ourselves the friendliest, most supportive, and most encouraging fitness community in Santa Clarita.

Why are stretching and mobility so important?

Improvement in any physical activity, whether fitness, sports, functional fitness, weightlifting, or everyday life, requires excellent range of motion. Regular activity and strain on your muscles, especially from working out regularly and building muscle mass, gradually decreases your muscle’s elasticity and range. Regular stretching and mobility exercises counteract this, helping you to maintain or improve your range of motion so that you can continue to reach your fitness goals.

Try a Class at Our Gym in Valencia Today!

Drop into Face Your Fears Athletics on to try the Bendability class! Have fun with other members of the class as we stretch together and work on bettering ourselves as people and as athletes. We treat everyone like family and would love to welcome you if you visit us. Call our Santa Clarita gym at (661) 282-7750 to learn more!

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