Coach John FarrFunctional Fitness Coach

“Exercise is therapy. Nutrition is medicine. Strength is functional for everybody.”.

Growing up in the South with a steady diet of biscuits and gravy, it wasn’t hard for me to get to be 50 pounds overweight. At a young age, I made the choice to get active and change my diet to drop that weight and keep it off. Nutrition and exercise have been transformative for me, and I love sharing that gift with others.

I took my first strength and conditioning class in 2005, and have been hooked since. In 2013 I started teaching fitness online, and in a few short years went from teaching classes and personal training clients in LA and Nashville, to also teaching 50,000 people around the globe online.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • 6 Years of experience with personal training and group fitness
  • B.S. from Belmont University in Nashville
  • Coursework in Strength and Conditioning, Running, and Endurance Training

Athletic Achievements

  • Was severely overweight and lost 50 pounds
  • - Completed the Denver Half Marathon


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