Face Everything. Fear Nothing.

In 2014, Face Your Fears Athletics was born out of our desire to enable athletes and individuals to band together and support one another in reaching their highest fitness potential. Since that day, our Valencia gym has grown to become one of the most welcoming and personalized athletic and fitness communities in the Santa Clarita area.

Our mission here at Face Your Fears Athletics is to build healthy bodies, by first building a healthy community. Without the community and shared experience of suffering, achieving and sometimes even failing, FYF Athletics would be just a strength and conditioning program like any other. The power lies in the community. The upward pull we feel when we see our fellow members inspire us by their continued effort. The excitement felt when a fellow member attains a goal they have been aiming for. We strive to show our members that it’s bigger than you and that while this journey can absolutely be done alone, it’s a little easier and a lot more fun to do it together. We believe in the power of ourTraining Program. It is through this program that you will see heart and soul pushed into every workout, every lift and every effort given; that is why we love it. Our mission as a gym and as coaches is to display this character, coach our athletes to this point and build lasting relationships along the way.

Not Just a Gym – a Community and a Family

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Our gym is a community of people ranging in all ages, athletic types and skill levels, connected as one, big family. Our family is unique in that we are simply a group of ordinary people striving to achieve extraordinary things – something which we accomplish on a daily basis.

We will teach you how to move safely and progress as an athlete in an appropriate manner. You will be pushed. This is not meant to be easy. However, the movements performed throughout our strength and conditioning program can be scaled to ANY level. This is the beauty of it. Whether you are 16 or 60 plus, this program is for you. We train for General Physical Preparedness (GPP) otherwise known as life. Our members are runners, dancers, moms, dads, office workers, musicians and life lovers. Our program ensures they are able to take on any task thrown their way and that they are always ready for even a curve ball or two.

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Personal Attention & Tailored Training

Our Valencia athletic center is not just another gym in Santa Clarita; our talented coaches will take the time to get to know you personally, understand your goals, and create effective athletic programming that will help you achieve your ultimate athletic potential. We train with a purpose. The workouts may be similar but are rarely the same. Our programming is carefully planned out to ensure continued growth and success. We focus highly on setting individual goals based on your own level of fitness. This not only keeps you engaged and working towards something, but is able to show your continued progress as an athlete. This is the difference between training and simply exercising. Our goals are strength and conditioning based, which means no weigh ins, no photos, no pressure to look a certain way. Our community is about encouragement, not judgment. However, you will often hear members throwing compliments at other members about their noticeable weight loss, muscle gain and the like. It’s a natural side effect, but not the focus. We have found that this takes much of the pressure off, making it more fun and enjoyable to come to FYF, or as we like to call it, our second home.

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If you’re looking for a fitness community that is friendly and encouraging, but will also push your limits and help you reach your personal goals, then look no further than Face Your Fears Athletics. Our family is ready to welcome you! Call now at (661) 282-7750 or stop by our gym at the address below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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