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A Functional Fitness Gym Building Strength For Life, Health, And Performance.


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We guide our members to better their lives by building healthy habits, building strength & brining a balance to life. No matter what your level is, we have no judgement because everyone starts somewhere.

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I have been with Ben since 2012. He is a great trainer and has a great training program. I have had 2 ACL replacements and he is amazing, working to help me get my strength and range of motion back. Ben is also highly knowledgeable in the area of nutrition, which is what I needed help with. I love to work out, but I also love to eat and Ben has helped me get my nutrition back on track. The gym has a great group of people and is fairly diverse, so if you are looking a gym to call home, come try this place out.

Eileen Boyd

The BEST gym in Santa Clarita to achieve your goals, and get the most out of each day.This gym places great emphasis on mobility, balance, strength, community, and cleanliness.Each class is a mix of range of motion, warm-up, and a workout that keeps your body guessing. The coaches take great pride in your form, and the quality of the workouts.There is no egos at this gym, everyone goes at their own pace. The coaches want you to succeed to the best of your ability.

Mike Malig

Ben is absolutely the best trainer ever!! Each and every class is so fun and unique. He modifies for people at all levels and creates an incredibly welcoming environment. I’ll never go to any other gym after my experience with FYF :)

Kyle Jacobson

Training Programs to get you the results you want

Functional Fitness Membership
Functional Fitness Membership

At FYF Athletics, our mission is to help our members achieve their fitness goals. In our sessions we instruct proper form on weightlifting, kettle bells, calisthenics, and more, helping you build strength for life and then some. Join our classes and experience our expert coaches, unique workouts & encouraging community.

Personal Training
Personal Training

We’re dedicated to helping you become the best you. We have the right trainer for your specific needs whether it be nutrition, sports performance, or just getting a jumpstart on your fitness.

Youth Athlete Training
Youth Athlete Training

Our Youth Sports Performance Training is designed to improve our athletes’ overall power, speed, agility and mindset. Training is tailored to each athlete's needs and wants for improving in their sport. Session are by appointment only, please contact us to get started.

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We guide our members to better their lives by building healthy habits, building strength & brining a balance to life. No matter what your level is, we have no judgement because everyone starts somewhere. Start your FREE trial today!

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Frequently Asked


Functional Fitness is functional movements - like squats, pushups, pull-ups, gymnastics, weights and calisthenics – performed to translate to our everyday movement's & sport. Our Group Classes are structured to ensure your body is always ready for the workout on that given day.


No! Our program can be performed by any type of person. From young to old, athletic to overweight, our workouts can work for you! This type of exercise is great for beginners and those that are in shape, too. Regardless of your prior ability, strength or flexibility, you can do this.


We have multiple classes throughout the day to serve our clients including mornings, mid day, evenings, & Saturdays. Classes are subject to change, so make sure you keep in touch through our live class schedule found HERE.


No, Face Your Fears does not have signup fees! There are no first and last month payments, upfront costs in our packages. We keep it simple with a single membership with unlimited access

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